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Seine-et-Marne (77)
      Please note:
  • Up to 4 rods are authorized.

Bouleaunière, Plan d'eau de la , 
Nightfishing from Hameau de Hulay to Grez sur long.

Cinq Étangs, Domaine des, La Tombe.
65 ha. commercial fishery 65 km from Paris by A5, close to Montereau. Info: phone 06 11 61 49 74

Colonne, Étang de la, la Grande Paroisse,
Commercial, private fishery holding lots of medium sized carp and specimens to 23 kg+. 10-12 runs a day is not unusual. The bottom is quite clean - sand, gravel and clay. Due to overhanging electrical power lines, casting lengths are reduced in certain swims!
Info & reservations: Jacques Gilis, phone 01 46 61 24 12 or 01 60 70 14 96. Charges for 2003 are 42€/48 hrs.

Étangs, Domaine des, Tombes
Common carp of 20,5 kg reported.

Loing,  St Pierre les Nemours and Grez sur Loing
Nightfishing on 100 m on the Loing canalisé from darse des Ets Henkel to the reserve at barrage de Fromonville.

Luzancy, Plan d'eau de  
There used to be nightfishing from the Marne border close to the D402 at Luzancy, but according to a mail march 06, this is not the case any more. Might even be closed for fishing all together.

Sécherons, Lac des,
This 30 years old private gravel pit of 7 ha. with a small island hold carp to 21 kg+, but also many smaller fish, by some considered a problem during the fishing. 3 rods allowed. Toilets and showers present at  „le Club-House". Grass carp and catfish are also present. You can park your car just behind your swim. The charge is 23€ / 24 hrs.. Lupins as well as Nash Strawberry boilies are established top baits here.
Some consider the water not worth a visit due to over-stocking and thus it's crawling with small and also damaged fish.Malnoué, Étang de, Commune d'Emerainville.
Two small waters of 1 and 3 ha, both holding carp. Fish to 17 kg+ has been caught here. Nightfishing is not allowed. 4 rods allowed. Some problems with gipsies breaking into cars has alledgedly been encountered.

Marne,  Meaux, 
Nightfishing at Nanteuil les Meaux and Fublaines from PK 128.73 to PK 134.820 on both banks.
        -            Armentiére-en-Brie
        -            La Ferté-sous-Jouarre

Marran, Étang de, Chatenay-sur-Seine
This private water of 11 ha. is well stocked with carp to 20 kg+. 3 rods allowed; sacs only at night. From the D75 to Chatenay sur Seine, follow the signs efter the bridge. Informations: Mr Raymond Léger, phone 06 80 26 95 60 or 01 64 02 09 39.

Nesles-la-Gilberde, Étang de,
Carp of 16 kg reported.

Noisiel, Barrage de, Noisiel,
Here the carp shelter for the strong current behind the many big rocks just below the surface, and of course these quite hard conditions pose some difficulties for the fishing. The tackle has to be chosen quite on the heavy side - and chock-leaders of 45 lbs Amnesia are often recommended. The carp here are  from 5 to around the 17 kg mark - and bigger ones are supposedly present - assumed to be the culprits when once in a while anglers hook into instoppable fish, that smash even the heavy gear!

Seine, Fontainebleu, Samois.
Very beautifull stretch of the river with good swimms downstreams Samois, at the forrest after the Parking. A boat will come in handy, as this'll give acces to many other lillie-patches and other promissing features around. Nightfishing from several sectors:
Z1:  Dammarie les Lys on lot S34, 1975 m downstream the railway bridge at Mée sur Seine to 50 m upstream barrage de Vives Eaux - 3010 m.
- Z2 : Marolles sur Seine on lot S16 from the purification plant at Marolles to PK 36.130,which is PK 62 to PK 63.13 on both banks.
- Z3 : Bray sur Seine et Grisy sur Seine from pont de Bray to the Rrive Vidé at Vieux Mouy, from PK 45 to PK 127.5.
- Z4 : Noyen sur Seine on 550 m of the right bank of  lot S13 to 500 m downstream the Pont Noir of the old Seine.

Tafferette, Étangs de, Ferrieres-en-Brie
These two connected lakes in the Marne Valey east of Paris are very beautiful, placed in the old parc of Baron Guy de Rothschild. They are both well stocked with carp; in Étang du Haut - the upper lake - to 20 kg. Regular restockings are undertaken. Dayticket available on site from the bailif, or from local shops. No nightfishing.


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